lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Pink Annual 1974

Habiendo nacido la revista Pink en 1973, esas Navidades sacan su Anual para 1974.



-Jillys night of Joy
-The Star School of Secrets
-Dear Dad
-One Dark Night...
-Janey and the End of the World
-The Dance contest
-Me and Madame


-Reportaje sobre Gary Glitter
-Artículo "high powered cats"
-What a spectacle
-How lo lose pounds
-Making what suits you (moda)
-Sale of the Century
-It's all in the Gme (Relato)
-The Real Colin Blunstone
-Modelling for Pink (moda)
-Mini poster Jerry Shirley
-The Best looking clothes (moda)
-Mini poster Noddy Holder
-Romantic Candles
-Beauty on a Budget
-Cat Stevens
-Odd Hints
-The Way to Television
-Super Pup!
-Horóscopo Chino
-Just Another Face (reportaje sobre el rodaje de Alicia en el País de las Maravillas, cn Fiona Fullerton)
-Black Magic (relato)
-Keep it clean with Pink
-Animals in the Air
-Mini poster de New Seekers
-From Portugal with Love
-mini poster de  White Plains
-mini posters de Cliff Richards, Michael Jackson, The Osmonds, Elton John y Donny Osmond
-The Long and the Short of it (moda)
-Wrap it up  (o como hacer envoltorios y lazos de regalo)
-Ever so Easy (costura)
-My Kind of Girl (famosos de la epoca describen a su tipo de chica)
-One jump ahead (moda)
-Being Lumbered (relato)
-Dave Lambert
-What you Eat you are...
-Andy and David Williams
-Ever Sew Easy (costura)
-Reportaje sobre the Jacksons

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